Magic Mountain Shows the History of Golden

This month, community members in Golden got to be a part of an archaeology excavation at a site called Magic Mountain near the Apex trail head, a hiking trail frequented by locals.

The last dig was in the 1990’s but, with such technological advances, the archaeologists thought of doing a community dig. The project is a partnership between Golden and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and is funded by the museum.

The first artifacts ever brought to the museum  was in 1936 and the site was later created in the 1950’s but, artifacts were likely taken long before then. The artifacts found in the community dig now are things like broken tools, arrowheads, and burnt bone that reflect life in the area 7,000 years ago and likely even farther back.

The project was created to stir up excitement in the community about the abundance of artifacts in the area and to bring forward that excitement to keep the site protected. Awareness is key in preserving archaeological sites so that, when technology advances further, we can uncover more history about Colorado.