What is a Tiny Home?  A Tiny Home is a descriptive term, rather than an official class of construction. Whether it is a home on wheels or simply a small house, Tiny Homes in Golden are regulated depending on their use and the amenities they provide.  Most often, we hear of mobile Tiny Homes, those built on a trailer deck with wheels that fall under the RV classification.
What do I need to live in a Tiny Home in Golden?
1. A residentially zoned lot (R1, R2, R3, or PUD)
2. A foundation, permanently attached to the ground and protected to a 36” frost depth.
3. A minimum 70 square feet; 7’ minimum in any horizontal dimension of a room and a minimum 6’8” ceiling.
4. Includes independent living quarters that provide sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation amenities.
5. A toilet and either a shower or tub, connected to City of Golden water and sewer service.
6. Water & sewer tap fees
7. A roof structure meeting wind and snow load requirements of 116 mph at 3 second gusts and exposure C.
8. A City of Golden building permit
Get more info here: http://www.cityofgolden.net/live/sustainability-initiative/green-building/

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