Bears Across Colorado

The bear population in Colorado is 17,000 to 20,000 with a comparative human population of 5.5 million. In their own habitats, the numbers aren’t a problem, but this summer the bears are venturing into domestic areas and wreaking havoc across Colorado.

What’s happening: There are several accounts of bears coming into Colorado towns, disrupting neighborhoods, with reports of contact with humans, some of them dangerous.  

Why it’s happening: Due to the dry summer in the state so far, bears natural food sources are running low. In search for more food, the bears are coming down into towns and searching in garbage and eventually becoming more comfortable around humans.

What you can do: The most important preventative measures to take to prevent an increasing epidemic are – keep trash locked,  bring in any pet food, bring in bird feeders. If you encounter any animals make a lot of noise, make yourself  appear large, and try to deepen your voice.

Let’s keep Colorado safe and fun for the summer while we hope for precipitation.


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