This summer add a little extra fun to your camping trip

Summer is the time to find any reason to spend time outside or, even better, take a trip like getting on the lake, camping, or hunting. Small game hunting season is in full swing and it’s a really fun way to experience some of the best of what Colorado has to offer: Bluebird sunshine, 360 degree scenery, and cool nights with bright stars.

Small game hunters seem to be on the decline due to the allure of big game, but they’re all just missing out. It might be cool to say you got a whole deer but, then… you have a whole deer to deal with; hauling and butchering a large animal isn’t for everyone, not to mention the gear and space required to organize an endeavor like that.

The summer season is ideal for a more cost effective weekend trip and a chance for beginners to get into the game or, seasoned hunters to work on target practice. Grab your gear and a license and plan that super fun hunting trip this summer.

For more information on what game to hunt and where to go see the links below

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